ReOpening Guidelines Update

September 1, 2021

Church Reopening Update:: In response to the recent reemergence of the COVID virus, Session asked the Church Reopening Committee to reconvene to discuss whether any changes in our present guidelines are needed. Following are the recommendations the committee has made to Session:

  1. Our primary objective continues to be to assure that people attending church in-person feel safe and comfortable being there without creating undue concern or adversely affecting the worship experience.
  2. Continue to follow State of Ohio guidelines regarding masking, signage, social distancing, and all other aspects of virus prevention. At present these have not changed for organizations like ours since we relaxed or ended some of our initial guidelines for reopening.
  3. We will stop passing the collection plate and communion elements. Collection plates and communion supplies will be placed on the table at the rear of the sanctuary as they were when the church was first reopened.
  4. We will actively encourage anyone concerned about spread of the virus to wear a mask while in the church. We will specifically strive to convey to our members that it is ok to wear a mask.
  5. During sharing of the peace, members will be asked to refrain from shaking hands.
  6. Singing will continue, although we ask those singing to do so in a tempered way.
  7. We will continue to monitor State of Ohio guidelines. If these should change, we will follow those guidelines.