Holy Week 2020

For daily Holy Week scripture readings, visit our daily prayer page.

Palm Sunday — CROWD

Palm Sunday tells the story of Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem the week before he died, when he rode in on a borrowed colt before a great crowd of assembled onlookers, who spread palms on the road and shouted “Hosanna” in greeting (Matt. 21:1-11)

To create a CROWD for Palm Sunday, we’ll worship over Zoom and/or by phone.  Unlike the previous two Sundays, this one is live!  We will all need to be online or on the phone together at 10 a.mSunday. In keeping with the tone of the day, this will be a lively, participatory worship. You will need a few props!   Please prepare two things:  A sign that says, “Hosanna!” and a Palm.  Draw one, or grab a short pine branch from outside, or find a green sock… Get creative!  We’ll be able to see each other holding our signs and waving our palms.

If you would like to participate, please contact Pastor Margaret for a Zoom invitation (sent by email to the congregation).

Maundy Thursday — MEAL

Maundy Thursday tells the story of Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, when they gathered in an upper room to break bread and share wine on the night of his arrest. This is a more intimate occasion, when Jesus gives parting instructions to his disciples and institutes the sacrament of communion.

We will observe Maundy Thursday through mealtime worship in our own homes. Please contact the church if you are low on groceries and in need of assistance. A simple home liturgy of preparation, scripture, and prayer for you to use with your families is available here. If you would like to share your meal with others over Zoom at 6:30 p.m., please contact Pastor Margaret for dial-in information.

Good Friday — CROSS

On Good Friday, we witness the crucifixion–the death of Jesus on the cross. This is a hard scripture and a hard day–an encounter with the depths of suffering and the pain of abandonment as the savior dies alone.

This Good Friday Tenebrae devotional is for use at nightfall.  Tenebrae is Latin for “darkness”; the service itself moves into darkness as the sun sets and candles are extinguished.

You’ll need a Bible, and a candle and cross if you have them.  The songs are from the Taizé community, an ecumenical Christian monastic fraternity in France.  They have a simple, repeated chorus and a meditative sound.  Queue up these two songs in advance to prepare.

Stay with Me

O Lord, Hear My Prayer    

The service ends in darkness, without a benediction.  If possible, finish the day’s activities before beginning your devotion time, and afterwards practice silence for the evening.


If you enjoy classical music, Good Friday would be an appropriate time to listen to an online recording of Bach’s St Matthew Passion.  For more information, see this NPR visitor’s guide.

Easter Sunday — MESSAGE

Of all the Holy Week services to move online, the hardest one is Easter.  How do you replicate the sound of the trumpet, the smell of the flowers, the sight of everyone bright and scrubbed in their Easter best… We’re mourning the fact that it just won’t be the same, and longing for the day when we can gather in person again.

We will have a video posted to the website Easter morning, not seeking to replicate what we do in person, but hoping to capture something of the spirit of the Easter Gospel–the news that the stone is rolled back, the tomb is empty, the Christ is risen–a message discovered and passed along.  This message is reflected in our traditional Easter greeting: “Christ is risen…”  “He is risen indeed…”

If you ordered Easter flowers, they will be delivered outside your door on Easter.

Begining January 16th,, the Session has directed that all church gatherings now REQUIRE masks within the building AT ALL TIMES.
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