Gathering Guidelines 2021



April 2021

Reopening Plan – First Presbyterian Church of Perrysburg

NOTE:  We will follow State of Ohio guidelines regarding public gatherings.  Phasing out these practices would be done in accordance with these state-issued guidelines.

General Practices and Precautions

Our primary objective is to assure that people attending church in-person feel safe and comfortable being there without creating undue concern or adversely affecting the worship experience.

  • After reopening the church we will continue to offer the service on-line via Zoom and live streamed so that all members and church friends can participate in worship in whichever way they feel most comfortable
  • Observe social distancing.  Family groups will be seated together with adequate space reserved between individual, couples, and/or families. 
  • Initially, Don, Marty, Stephen, and Jay will serve as ushers.  Ushers will seat those attending.  There will be no Greeters initially.  The ushers will fill that role.
  • Please arrive earlier than in the past (by 9:30, and no later than 9:50) to allow time for seating by the ushers and to permit some time for visiting with others prior to the start of the service at 10:00.
  • We do not intend to designate a “traffic flow” pattern for entering and exiting the Sanctuary.  We ask everyone to observe social distancing as they leave the church.
  • Wearing masks will be required within the church building.  We ask that you put on your mask when you leave your car in case you encounter others on your way into church.  All doors will be available for use, however, you are encouraged to enter either through the door with the glass vestibule or the alley (for elevator access).
  • Greeting and visiting with other members will occur prior to the start of the service in the Sanctuary and FH (if used) or outside the church building.  There will initially be no Fellowship period inside the building following the church service.
  • Temperatures will not be taken.  We ask everyone who plans to attend church in-person to monitor their personal health and not attend if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms.  A self-screen checklist will be provided to you.
  • During the first phase of reopening (end date undetermined) only the Sanctuary, main floor hallways, and main floor restrooms will be open for use.  Fellowship Hall will be used if too many people attend to seat all safely in the Sanctuary.
  • Areas that will not be open on Sundays initially include:  Fellowship Hall for fellowship time, Library, Coat Room, Nursery, Conference Room, both Kitchens, upper Youth Room, and lower level rooms.
  • There will be no Sunday School, Adult Christian Education, or other types of classes offered during the initial reopening period.
  • The church choir will not perform during the initial reopening period.  The importance of music in Presbyterian worship is recognized, and the Worship and Music Committee will arrange for this to continue to be a key part of worship until a new music director is hired and the choir resumes performing.
  • There will be no singing of hymns by those in attendance during the initial reopening period.  This is in accordance with general guidance that singing spreads infection more readily and should be avoided in inside areas.
  • If you wish to have a Bible during worship, please bring one from home.
  • The prayers and hymns to be included in the service will be printed on paper, if these cannot be put in the PowerPoint presentation. 
  • No activities requiring a sharing of items such as collection plates and communion equipment will be performed.  A table will be set-up at the rear of the Sanctuary for collection plates/collection box, communion supplies, and disposal of paper items.
  • Announcements will be made by members from their seats and these will be repeated by the person coordinating the service (assuming the pastor is remote) so that those attending on-line can also hear the announcement.
  • Initially, there will be no Passing the Peace among those present.
  • The Children’s Message will continue to be a part of the service, but children will remain at their seats, with only the person providing this message coming forward.
  • You are asked to leave the Sanctuary and building promptly after the service to avoid the risk of people unintentionally lingering close together inside the building.
  • Attendance will be taken of those attending services in-person.  This will be done for the purpose of contact tracing, if that need should occur.  Attendance records will disposed of after 14 days.
  • Anyone who is diagnosed with COVID-19 after attending church services in-person is asked to inform Jo Salvage (Clerk of Session).  Jo will then inform all those who were present that someone who was there has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  The name of the person reporting a positive diagnosis will not be disclosed.

Our Sanctuary/Fellowhip Hall are now open for Sunday Worship with the CDC Guidelines observed .
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